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Skwachays Lodge


The stop motion project involves a mix of several photos taken to create a moving animation. The purpose of this project is to be used as either an advertisement or placed on the website home page header. This has been created as part of the Skwachays Lodge re-design. People who are interested in staying at the lodge or taking a look through the gallery will be the main target audience. The animation begins by the spread of paint throughout the page creating the skwachays logo. This has been done in a representation of the company’s fair trade gallery, in which they provide opportunities for the homeless or at risk First Nations artists to make money on their work produced for lodge and gallery. The logo is a Native styled raven and the eye coloured yellow as the symbolism of a sun. This ties in with the paint brushes circling the eye which forms the rays of the sun. As the scene then ends a raven appears in the form of feathers relating to the logo-mark itself. The entire scene of this project has been shot at an angle providing a different perspective of visual interest as well as the included yellow background to pop the eye colour of the logo. The full piece is mainly a representation of how much Skwachays cares for the community and how they provide opportunities for those in need.
Contributors: Cynthia Williams and Ryan Ruiz