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Long’s nails


Long’s Nails is a nail and beauty salon located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Offering nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements, waxing and spa treatments. Jenny Lee and her team of 5 have run the great business since 2002, keeping loyal clients and bringing in new ones. To improve the salon’s growth in the business: better branding, more employees, special offers and staying in touch with the community will be a great gain. By specifically targeting their professional-wealthy woman clientele who are ages 24 to 40 who make $60000-90000 a year. Although keeping their same offered prices, it will be more appealing to the other demographics. All clients that desire and deserve an escape to a beautiful nail salon where relaxation and quality services are key. It is a new atmosphere, that will be created to make a luxurious feel. When the company was created no logo and other branding aspects were introduced. Having it will help create a major edge in an increasingly competitive market on the North Shore. By hiring a few more nail technicians that showcase quality professionalism and excellent client services will keep clients comfortable spending their money and coming back. The word mark was illustrated to have a personal feel and promise that clients will get nail service. The stationary contains illustrated and photography elements to put together two different styles of design. minimalist design has fresh feeling imagery to entice viewers that this salon promises an attractive life style. The newspaper ads would run in local newspapers showcasing client’s salon results and promotions. Postcard ads would be handed out in store and by partnering businesses around the neighbouring businesses. The social media, Instagram ad demonstrates plain hand, in a relaxing pose showing that you don’t need to get full service just what suits your wants. The packaging aspect was created as a give away to clients for their after-care need, keeping consistent to Long’s branding.