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In this “Do It Yourself” culture mason jars are a big hit especially for infusing to make tasty drinks, alcoholic ones in this case. Infusion is a vodka beverage that saves you the time and energy of putting together all the flavourful ingredients and waiting. Then for variety there are 6 different flavours in this 6 pack. Not just a normal 6 pack of cans either. To give it that classic fresh like it is made at home, infused feel it is packaged in mason jars. Targeted for both legal drinking aged men and women with the design that is able to attract both. Colour in order of the rainbow were used in a symbol, refined way that represents each flavour. Red strawberry, orange is orange, yellow lemon, green apple, purple grape and blue blueberry. Adding onto the mason jar packaging theme, a picnic basket pattern box shape were used. Not a typical wooden weaved on but a grey toned one to look metal and seem futuristic. The rounded starkness of the geometric sans serifs makes for a great logo type for Infusion. Liquor store would distribute this case in their coolers aisle near brands such as Bacardi Breezers and Palm Bay.