A process is key

From an idea to a fully realised
and unforgetable experience

Design Briefing

Composed from a Q&A session with a client, a design brief clarifies what needs to be done, exactly what the client want to achieve, keeps the project on track, acts as a point of reference and saves time for who’s involved.


Those chosen ideas are then developed into a digital format. The rendering stage involves transferring these options to Adobe Illustrator, to Adobe Photoshop, and printed to PDF for the presentation of the options. Which involves mockups of where the design can be used.

Research, Brainstorm & Sketch

Reviewing the brief and asking followup questions before beginning a more thorough research and brainstorming. Using a pencil and paper to compose many thumbnails helps generate a set of possible directions. Most sketches are unnecessary, but the point is to explore as many directions as possible before narrowing it down to two or three of the strongest ideas.

Tweaks and finishing touches will finalize an option or making revisions until exactly the right direction is reached. The aim is to create a design that works for the person/comapny. When all is approved the artwork will be supplied by email and/or made available for download. I’m on hand to answer any questions post-business with you.